Our wedding party


Desiree's attendants
  • Sarah Martin Helgesen, Matron Of Honor
    Aunt Sarah/Tante Sar
    My second Mother, My other Sister and my Best Friend. When you see Sarah at the wedding ask her about the time she inverted my belly button... oh yea and to see the pictures of her kiddos!
  • Natalie Dionne, Maid Of Honor
    My Little Sister
    We may be different in many ways, but share many memories growing up. Riding barbie jeeps, snowmobiles, and catching slugs. When you see Natalie at the wedding ask her about CATS, and tell her your favorite video game. She'll tell you hers!
  • Elise Martin, Bridesmaid
    My best friend from middle school. The BEST massage therapist from MAINE! At the wedding ask her to sing you a song, rub out the knot in your shoulders and do a moose call. She ROCKS at all three!
  • Sarah Fernandez, Bridesmaid
    Sarah, from California. Smart, beautiful, and AWESOME! Sarah and I met in Nursing School. When you see Sarah at the wedding ask her to throw down"gangnam" style!
  • Gabrielle Mancuso, Bridesmaid
    Gabrielle and I met in Nursing School. She's a superstar!
    At the wedding ask Gabrielle about the New England sports teams. She is the Patriots number one fan! Don't bring up the NY Giants.
  • Kim Coszena, Bridesmaid
    1/2 Dutch 1/4 Coach 1/4 Zebra Obsessed
    100% Amazing When you see Kim at the wedding ask her about wooden shoes, tulips, and windmills.
  • Brooke Helgesen, Flower Girl
    AKA THE BROOKESTER! Little ball of energy, as beautiful as can be. She's a dancing queen, loves the outdoors, and getting her nails painted. Brooke is very special to me and I hope one day I could be with her everyday! At the wedding ask Brooke to show you her tap routine!
  • Hunter Helgesen, Ring Bearer
    AKA TOOTER! I am blessed to be Hunters Godmother. He's a young man with a huge heart. I couldn't have ask someone better to be part of this special day. He makes everything brighter in the room. At the wedding ask Hunter to show you some of his swift Karate moves!
Chris 's attendants
  • Stephen Jette, Best Man
    When you see Stephen at the wedding, ask him of the 1st time we met and what he thought...
    ...now we are bffl's
  • Niall Murphy, Groomsman
    Niall...well Niall is a man of many words. When you are at the wedding, ask him anything you want...ANYTHING!
    PS- By Midnight he will speak French.
    PPS- Seriously.
  • CJ Best, Groomsman
    Picture says it all...CJ is a bear, a big ole' teddy bear, in the woods by a campfire. When you see Cj at the wedding, hug him.
  • James Morin, Groomsman
    You may think James is gentle and soft. He isn't. He is a ruff and tuff boiii from Biddeford.
    When you see James at the wedding, ask him to do 15 push-ups and kiss his biceps. He'll do both...
  • Myles Chase, Groomsman
    Myles...words can't describe Myles. Well three words actually can... "Wild Boy's Style"
    When you see Myles at the wedding...ask him to do the "tight pants dance". Be ready for a show...
  • Jason Pothier, Groomsman
    Jason is my big brother. He rocks aviators for days.
    When you see Jay at the wedding...ask him the starting line-up for the 2004 Red Sox. It's impressive. Mixologist by trade...Jay will shake, mix & stir up ANY drink in the book!
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